Monday, January 6, 2014

So much for 2012's resolutions...

I have a new appreciation for people who juggle blogging and the rest of life. Obviously, this is the ball I dropped for the last two years while working a part-time gig at USFWS and being back in school half-time. Spare time has been rare and better spent doing than chronicling, but now I have a little breathing room... some highlights from 2013.

We learned how to make pickles...

Cucumbers, dill and currant leaves (their tannins help keep the pickles crisp) from the garden .

and grew, then pickled some Chinese long beans.

recipe from Canning for a New Generation

We foraged mushrooms and had the pleasure of sharing our enthusiasm with good friends.

Next generation mycophile?


We made shortbread from spruce tips...

and healing potions from elderberries discovered in our local mountains.

Sambucus cerulea or S. mexicana.

While life in the Seemingly Stochastic world is ever-changing, a few things remain constant:
 I hope you are well and that I'll see you more frequently in the coming year.

Whooooo's wishing you a Happy 2014? (Burrowing Owl on the Refuge.)

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