Wednesday, March 2, 2011


In what seems like a former life, I worked for a Bay Area company that wrote printed circuit board design software. I had never been around programmers before and I loved working with these incredibly bright people; they were my first exposure to real geeks.

When I saw my first board design being inked by the plotter, I was entranced-- it was beautiful! Since then I have scavenged boards from almost all of the computers I've owned and they serve as reminders of different phases of my life... that one was wasted on a Crystal Quest obsession, this one helped me write my dissertation, that one was my way of removing the Ws from keyboards... memories.

Beautiful subjects, eh? (embiggen for better view)
Well, if you're just not seeing it, it could be the photos: I'm at the beginning of a learning curve for the newest technology in my life (thank you, M!), a Pentax K2000. Really, the photos will get better.

For beauty from a real pro, check out the gallery at Marion C. Martinez's Circuit Board Art, where technology, recycling, religious iconography, and fashion peacefully coexist (someday I will own a piece to photograph). 

The most parsimonious route to other technology-inspired pictures at I Should Be Folding Laundry is here:


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