Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flowers for YouCapture

Whew! Do we  have a lot of catching up to do! Since YouCapture got me going the first time, I guess it's right that I jump back in with an offering from our yard for this week's theme: flowers.

We've been working on our backyard since the day after we bought the house in January. In late February we planted beds with plain & fancy gladiolus (from a big box store) and some irises liberated from our just-recently sold house. Despite our rough handling of them, a few of the irises flowered and -- much to our delight -- the glads came up strong and vibrant.

Part of my catching up, blog-wise, will be about the lawn-to-garden transformation that's taken up a bunch of our time. There are lots of pictures and thoughts to share. In the meantime, the tomatoes are still seedlings, the okra plants are a mere 4" tall, and the runners on the pole beans are only just reaching the bottom of their 6' climb. The veggie contribution to this week's theme is from a Japanese Eggplant (Ichiban) planted in patio pot. 

Over at I Should Be Folding Laundry, everything is coming up ro... you know. Go check it out.


  1. The detail on the leaf is outstanding. Your flowers are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful shots, I especially like the last one!

  3. Great photos! Can't wait to read more about the lawn-to-garden work you have been doing.

  4. All so pretty, looks like your garden is off to a good start.