Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's been hot here; we're looking at 100+ degrees for the next 7 days with no moisture in the near future. We're still learning how to garden in these searing conditions so... um... I'll admit it...mistakes were made. Now we have bugs.

No, not beetles. That is a happy little 'infestation' at a local park today and I'm pretty sure it will clear up without intervention.

This is what we've got lurking in our sunflowers and tarragon, two potted plants that were a under-watered and over-stressed, making them easy targets for bugs and disease. Whether these are mites or aphids the treatment will be the same.
I should have known better: this unrelenting heat, combined with dessicating winds, is scorching petals on the gladiolus in a matter of hours. Fine tuning the watering schedule in this new-to-us place will take some time, I just hope there aren't any more plant casualties. In the meantime, the ladybug brigade will take a few days to arrive so I 'm off to fetch the pyrethrins.

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