Saturday, June 18, 2011

A New Garden Tool

What's in your garden basket?

That, my friends, is a Tomita Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool With Stainless Steel Blade. Along with my not-quite-finished garden map and an up-to-date garden book, this will be traveling into the garden with me on a daily basis.

"Specialty knife of function blade Made in Japan. Nisahu" 
Truth be told, I had never heard of this 'diggy diggy' wonder before it was taken out of its bubble wrap and presented to me by a grinning M. He had read about this Japanese favorite and its many uses a while ago and thought it might make my gardening life a little easier. As advertised, "Whether digging up pesky weeds, cutting out stubborn roots, or planting your favorite bulbs, gardening dilemmas soon disappear. With the Hori Hori, modern design is certainly the gardeners' indulgence."  Cool.

Combined with the cheerful bio-weapons that just arrived, this new tickler nearly completes my garden arsenal. Now where did I put that literature on silent .22 air rifles...?

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