Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Insect, step away from the squash."

Despite our best efforts at biological controls, we are at  DEFCON 1 and contemplating chemical warfare.

"Who me?... *burp*"
squash bug nymphs taking a break from sucking the life out of a plant

Although they are not as dangerous to established plants as they are to the younger ones, I'm not ready to cede the squash beds to the bugs. I don't mind sharing a little but you know these guys, give 'em an inch...

cute?!?! check out the piercing-sucking mouthparts

And over in the okra...more bugs that suck.


Thankfully this seems to be a one-plant infestation so this evening I'm relocating ladybugs to the best buffet in the garden. There will even be a show for them: Anasa tristis-ageddon premieres tonight.

Yes, intrepid reader, there were enough ladybugs for a football field-sized garden, wish I still had some in the 'fridge.

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