Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Mail

It's really raining here -- finally! After no measurable precipitation since September, it's really coming down. Rah! Considering the 100+ degree days of late and how hot our west-facing kitchen is, this cool, overcast afternoon means one thing: it's time to bake. I was just getting ready to clear the kitchen table when this mess caught my eye; I had to laugh.

If only Martha hunted...

After my beginner's luck of drawing a once-in-a-lifetime oryx hunt two years ago, we've had scare opportunities for big game. This year we drew deer (yay!) but no elk or antelope. Since we're down to the last few butcher paper-wrapped packages in the freezer we're talking about heading to a northern state for elk this fall. As a result, at the end of the month I'll be sitting for 16 hours with 15 young men (and hopefully a few young women) to meet the hunter education requirements for our neighboring state. I'm actually excited and looking forward to the class... I just hope I don't start getting those forgot-I-had-a-test or why-am-I-naked-in-gym-class anxiety dreams.

Lucky me. I'm going to go dance in the rain, then do my homework at the kitchen table while the cookies bake. Wish you were here, too.

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